Focus Project Eolos


The focus project was a collaboration between the ZHdK (Zurich University of Arts) and the ETH(University of technology and science). The main focus was on developing a new type of boat powered by a so called  'Flettner rotor`. One of the key requirements which made our boat unique was to make the rotor foldable.

During the entire project I had a consulting function for the Engineering team in questions concerning usability, realization, design and sponsoring. I also planned and designed the appearance of the project online and in paper format. 

Parallel to the actual project I was focusing on developing a design vision for the boat. My goal was to find out what kind of needs needed to be fulfilled so the boat could be used in 2020. 

After several interviews with nautigue experts I decided to use a trimaran as a base for the boat. This system wouldn't need a keel and therefor could enter in shallow waters and  be transported on a trailer. To transport the boat on swiss roads it cannot extend a width of 2.5m so I had to think of a system to make the boat foldable. 



Time period:

September 2015 - June 2016


Collaboration ETH Zürich & ZHdK


ETH Rollout